• Live Happily Ever After® is an

    Online Assessment that Analyzes Your Relationship

    Without outside help, it can be difficult to get an unbiased perspective on your relationship. Our tool provides the opportunity for you to learn more about your partner and how you work together in a way that will be invaluable to the future of your relationship.

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  • Celebrate your

    Relational Strengths

    Every couple has it’s unique strengths, and these should be celebrated. You might be surprised by the traits that come out on top, and you can unite over the areas that you are already doing well in.

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  • A better way to

    Discover Areas of Weakness

    No relationship is perfect, and an objective tool is the best way to delicately address areas that could be improved upon. A willingness to explore these areas marks great maturity, as well as a desire to make improvements to further the relationship.

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We Are in the Business of Love & Relationships

We want to help your relationship last and for you to grow even closer together. Along with the knowledge of your relational areas of weakness comes practical advice on what can be done to improve. This advice is catered to your personal report of findings, so you can hone in on ways to move your relationship forward after taking the evaluation.
Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports

Gain instant access to your relationship report after you take the evaluation. This detailed report shows where you are relationally strongest along with areas for improvement and tips to move your relationship forward.

Strengthen Your Relationship

Strengthen Your Relationship

After you and your significant other take the evaluation, you will instantly get strategies to take your relationship to the next level.

One = Two Evaluation Codes

One = Two Evaluation Codes

When you purchase an evaluation code, you will get one for yourself and another for your significant other. This evaluation is built for couples and continues to help relationships become stronger.

Our 3 Step Process

To get started with a Live Happily Ever After Evaluation, following these 3 steps and take your relationship to the next level.

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Customers Testimonials

Katherine Phillips

Wife/Stay at Home Mom / CEO of the House

When it comes to my relationship with my husband, I need to know where we both stand. This evaluation has helped us grow in ways we couldn't have imagined.

Harrison Capps

Technology / Self Employed

This evaluation really showed my wife and I areas that we could improve. Knowing the areas of improvement was a game-changer for me. Such a wise investment!

About Live Happily Ever After

Our team has focused on providing a tool just for relationships. Utilizing this tool allows you to grow closer as you work together to improve your areas of weakness and make your relationship stronger.

  • Creator of this tool has officiated over 800 weddings
  • Questions asked during evaluation are designed for all levels of relationships
  • Trusted by hundreds of couples in their journey to an incredible life together
  • This evaluation is used by marriage counselors

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